About Her

First and foremost, thanks for visiting! My name’s Morgan and I’m a radio producer and college student from North Carolina. I created Her vs. World as a place to document my journey as I navigate the remainder of my twenties, work towards starting my own media company, and hopefully motivate and relate to other like-minded twenty-something women. (Hence the tagline: A media outlet for twenty-something women who get shit done)

During my years in school, as well as my years working in broadcasting, I have realized just how underrepresented women are in the media industry. One of my goals of Her vs. World is to change that, and for this site to be an authentic voice for women from all walks of life.

That being said… if someone you know is a twenty-something woman who gets shit done and you think their story should be featured or they should write for Her vs. World, feel free to email me at hervsworld@gmail.com.