Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


There is no ‘I’ in team! How many times have you heard that in your life? It’s heard when playing sports, our place of work, and guess what…you’ll hear it related to relationships too! Relationships are ALL about teamwork and I am a firm believer in this!

As you begin to spend the rest of your lives learning about one another, you grow to be that team. The unbreakable bond between one another makes the ultimate best friends…#RelationshipGoals, am I right?

What’s unique, is being strong for your team. You come to learn that being strong is about taking turns. There will be moments of weakness, but this is when you see true teamwork of you and your best friend being strong FOR EACH OTHER.

You are a team because you trust one another, you care for one another, and your respect one another. Teamwork is support, commitment, and encouragement. The list can truly go on, but think about this.

When you’re in a relationship, you never brag about yourself being so amazing and so great “I this or I that” (1. you would sound ridiculous and 2. You would be self-centered and probably not in a relationship). Instead, you are always showing and telling about how amazing and great your other is, that’s how your inspire your team.

Here are some great ways to drive your team to greatness #TeamLove

  1. Love them in all of their forms
  2. Support each other through everything
  3. Keep each other motivated
  4. Do not fight AT each other, fight FOR each other
  5. Sacrifice for one another, this is inevitable if you love each other!
  6. Stay open and honest with each other, ALWAYS, communication is key
  7. Every single day, try and learn something new about them (every day may be hard for some, so strive for once a week) and be sure to tell them what you’ve learned!
  8. Love their flaws… they are flaws, BUT you will learn to grow and love them whether you like it or not
  9. Commit to one another, take the leap and truly put your whole faith with them
  10. Respect each other on every level that there possibly is for respecting

Now, don’t get me wrong. There will be blow ups in any relationship and NO the world is NOT made of sunshine and rainbows…THIS IS NORMAL PEOPLE. We are meant to crumble at times, but again…that’s why in a relationship we grow this bond!

You honestly may not even know that bond is happening, but you’ll get so excited about something and the first person you want to tell is your significant other! You are upset or have bad news, you tell them. You are mad and need to vent, you do it with them. You are growing that team bond every time you are with your person.

Embrace loving your best friend because it is truly the best feeling in the world to know you have them and to know you do it all together, as one.

As my fiance and I say… “it’s you and I against the world!” Go, fight, and conquer together!

Guest post by Samantha from Doing Life With You. Check out more of her writing on her blog and follow her on social media: PinterestInstagramTwitterFacebook

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