What To Do When You DON’T Get Your Dream Internship

It’s the first week of the new year and also soon to be the start of a new semester for college students. Since everyone’s thinking about their resolutions and goals for 2017, I want to talk to y’all about something that affected my whole year last year, even though it definitely shouldn’t have.

Last year around this time I was beginning to apply to all the prestigious broadcast media summer internships across the country. I applied to at least 20. I couldn’t wait until April came around so I could start receiving offers and choose which internship would be perfect for me and my career! I just knew I would be getting multiple offers.. I mean, I worked in the industry already, I had interned at a local radio station once before, and I had pretty good grades. I guess I was over confident, because I got NO offers. Zero.

Getting an internship in a big radio and TV market, such as New York or LA, had been one of my biggest motivations for going to college in the first place. My whole plan was to get one of those internships, work my ass off, and hopefully have a job waiting for me once I graduated. After I didn’t get a single offer I felt lost on what to do next. I also felt pretty discouraged. I had been working myself to death, not getting any “me-time”, and I had nothing to show for it. To be honest, I stopped working as hard in school,  because I didn’t see the point. Now, almost a year later, I realize my life and my career are not over just because I didn’t get my dream internship. Getting discouraged and slacking in other aspects of my life did nothing but set me back further.

So to those of you who may be going through this same situation, here are some tips to keep you focused and moving forward despite not getting your dream internship:

Think positively.

Blah blah.. I know. Everybody tells you to be positive when you’re in a crappy situation, but it’s true to an extent. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “what’s meant to be will be”. Maybe this opportunity wasn’t for you. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be any less successful than the student who did get the internship. It just means you’re going to find success through a different opportunity– one that will be a better fit for you. Think it into existence.

Keep doing what you were doing.

It may seem like your hard work hasn’t paid off, but as long as you keep working hard it eventually will. Giving up will definitely keep you from reaching success. As long as you give your all to work, school, or whatever it is you want to be successful at, you will be rewarded eventually.

Give yourself some “me time”.

I know I said to keep working hard, but also make sure you aren’t burning yourself out.(This is something I’m still working on myself) It’s okay to give yourself some free time to just chill and do things you enjoy. Don’t feel guilty about it. It’s necessary. Even if your me time is sitting on the couch eating a whole carton of ice cream and watching Teen Mom. After giving myself some time to relax I always feel so much more motivated and ready to take on whatever tasks I need to accomplish next.

Set new goals.

So your original plan didn’t work out.. It’s not the end of the world, even though it may feel like it at the time. Don’t stay stuck. Think about what the next steps are you need to take to continue furthering your education and your career. You can still get the end result you wanted without the internship. You just have to find a new route to get there.


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10 thoughts on “What To Do When You DON’T Get Your Dream Internship

  1. This post is so essential and I love the advice you’ve given. Having a backup plan is a must. I used to work in a local university and I would see the disappointment and oftentimes really negative ways students would react to it. I hope this enlightens many so that it’s not always a bad thing and that having another plan is a must just in case.

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