11 Fierce & Inspiring Vloggers

I don’t know about you, but one of my guilty pleasures is watching vlogs on Youtube. Now that it’s December, it’s the wonderful time of year in which vloggers post new vlogs every single day until Christmas… Yep, it’s Vlogmas.

vlog (noun)

A blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.

My favorite vloggers to watch are ones who make me want to get up off my ass and be productive. I decided to compile a list of some of my favorites so you can check them out too! They are:



Kathryn Ann

Kathryn started out doing makeup and hair tutorials(which are still on her channel, btw), but she’s switched over to vlogging her daily life and experiences with nursing school. She also does study tips and cooking videos.




You might recognize Jade(known on Youtube as LipsticknCurls) from back in the myspace days.. She and her twin sister Simone always had their pics stolen for catfish profiles. After taking a hiatus from social media for a little bit, Jade came back and is now more “social media famous” than ever. In addition to vlogging, she does beauty, hair, and girl talk/inspirational talk videos about whatever’s on her mind.



Drea’s channel focuses on her to day to day life as a young adult. When I first started watching her she was adjusting to post-college life and a new relationship. Now her vlogs show her experiences being a wife and new mother.



Megan is the first vlogger I ever watched! She’s known for her extremely popular beauty channel under the name Megan Leigh(previously known as ciaoobelllaxo). LaVitaDiMeg is her vlog channel where she shows her day to day life and also talks about living with anxiety and depression.



If you need some positivity and self-love in your life, Marissa’s channel is a go-to! After going through a tough break up around this time last year, Marissa has been doing #YearOfYou.. encouraging her viewers and herself to focus on loving themselves and making themselves happy.  She also does some healthy eating and advice videos.


Bianca Bee

Bianca Bee is someone I personally relate to A LOT. She’s a college grad trying to make it in the media industry. She’s a blogger and youtuber, and her channel and blog focus on the current projects she’s working on in her career.


Kalyn Nicholson

Watch one or two of Kalyn’s videos and you’ll be out buying all new home decor for your apartment! Kalyn posts home decor hauls and tips, motivational advice videos(her most recent is called 4 Steps To Get Your Sh*t Together), and healthy eating videos. She definitely has her sh*t together.




Carly is a college grad and well-known for her fashion + lifestyle blog, carlycristman.com. She isn’t as active on her vlog channel as other youtubers…probably because she’s so busy with her career in the fashion industry and her blog. When she does vlog, it’s interesting to get a peak into her fast-paced life.


Keesha Anderson

Keesha is one of those youtubers that you feel like you’re bff with after watching a few of her videos. She started out vlogging her life as a working college student, and now that she’s graduated, she does YouTube full time. She vlogs her everyday life and also does a few videos where she takes on serious topics she has experienced, such as coming out as a lesbian and domestic violence.




Jenny started YouTube in high school doing comedy and dance videos. Now she does OTG(on the go) with Jenny Ho(Yes, that’s her last name), showing her life with friends, family, at work, and at school.



Shameless Maya

What would happen if you shamelessly promoted yourself online for 365 days? This is exactly what Maya started doing back in 2012 while documenting it on YouTube. She now has 700,000+ subscribers and continues to post inspirational, techie, and fashion videos and vlogs about her life.



10 thoughts on “11 Fierce & Inspiring Vloggers

  1. I don’t really watch that many vloggers but I have been wanting to find more to watch so this list sounds amazing! I really am excited about checking these lovelies out. I’m pinning this so I can watch these ladies in my free time.Thank you for sharing!


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